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1928 Ford Model A -1980 Shay Reproduction -Only 3,268 Miles

This Model A "tribute" will provide SO MUCH FUN for someone! If you are looking for a reliable, weekend car show and evening cruise night "cool car", come in and check this one out. It's affordable and easy to maintain. (Only 3,268 Miles!)

The Shay Model A reproduction car was built by Harry Shay's company between 1979 and 1982. These cars were sold by Ford dealers throughout the United States. They were built to provide the classic look on a modern chassis, allowing for better drivability and handling.

It is powered by a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder with 88 horsepower with a 4-speed manual gearbox. Modern improvements include coil spring suspension, rack, and pinion steering, disc brakes, dual-mounted wire wheels, whitewall tires, rumble seat, dual "vintage" horns, luggage rack with a luggage trunk, and the very cool Rumble Seat!

(From Hemmings Motor News):

The rolling 25-year window continues to provide an air of collectibility to many cars that perhaps would not have earned a second look in their prime. It also affords an opportunity to re-evaluate cars that have slipped off the collector-car scene's radar. Take, for example, Harry Shay's effort to provide the nostalgic looks of the Model A Ford roadster with the ease of a late-model car. Underpinned by thoroughly modern Ford mechanicals, the Shay was embraced by some and derided by others because it was inevitably compared to the simple and affordable 1928-'29 Ford it replicated.

In that sense, as a late-'70s, early-'80s automobile, the Shay is unmatched. There was no two-seat roadster version of the Pinto--no open version at all, in fact. It was not a time for fun cars. Even the Corvette had dropped its roadster body after 1975. The only comparable cars were the small, sporty roadsters still being imported from Italy and the U.K.

But the Shay was all Ford underneath. Thanks to a savvy arrangement by Shay's company, The Model A and Model T Motor Car Reproduction Corporation (changed to the less-cumbersome Shay Motors Corporation in late 1980), Shays were actually offered through Ford dealers when new. When maintenance was needed, that same dealership could provide service, as could scores of local garages used to working on domestic cars.

Possibly the greatest appeal after the Shay's sheer driveability is how easy it is to work on. Kevin tells us that he got all of his service parts through his local NAPA store. He even has a plaque on the dashboard dedicated to the counter guys who made his work so easy by having parts either on hand or available soon after the asking.

Harry Shay wanted to offer the public the fun of a Ford Model A without the dedication required to own a car of that vintage. That is really still the appeal of the Shay. Anyone who could drive or service a Pinto can drive or service a Shay. With prices still very low, a Shay may well be the easiest way to replicate the carefree, open-air motoring of the late 1920s for the modern enthusiast.


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